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This page contains answers to questions frequently set up to our employees in the customer support. In addition, it contains tips and tricks, that we consider useful and which we present here as questions.

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  1. Which shipments can we move with CSI?
  2. How is the transportation charge determined and how is it paid?
  3. Business conditions?
  4. Which documents must be added?
  5. Which shipments can CSI not move?
  6. When will the shipment arrive?
  7. What is BAF, CAF, Fuel- Security- Surcharge?


Which shipments can we move with CSI?

Logistics From every point to every point within Germany.

Door-to-Door Dispatch worldwide off every point in Germany  to 136 countries free house to the recipient including customs clearances.

Aircargo Export Dispatch to more than 4500 airports worldwide with four service-options.

Seafreight Export LCL to over 300 sea-ports or Full-Container worldwide.

FarEast-Import by Airfreight, Seafreight or SeaAir-Service.

America-Import incl. Pre-clearance in Germany for Air- and Seafreight


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How is the transportation charge determined and how is it paid?

The determination of the correct transportation price essentially depends on the  Freight-Calculation-Weight. The freight calculation weight is determined by the measurements and the actual weight of the shipment:

Length x width x height in meters = cubic meter. A cubic meter corresponds to a volume weight of 166,67 kg in the case of airfreight shipment, 1000 kg in case of ocean freight shipment and 200 kg in case of road transportation. The higher weight is always invoiced, and therefore either the actual gross weight or the volume weight of the shipment.

Simply tell us the measurements and the weight of the shipment plus your transportation request - and we will send you a precise quote.

Payment occurs against invoice. Period of credit is 10 days after Invoice receipt.

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Busniness conditions?

Our offer remains free, is based on the newest composure of the general German forwarding agent conditions (ADSp.) and is valid for usual mearchant- goods packed according to industry-standards and transport-suitability.

Our offer presupposes unchanged forwarding conditions, wages, rates and currency value circumstances.

A cubic meter corresponds to a volume weight of 166,67 kg during airfreight shipments (in case of an online-quote or missing information normally measurements are 120 x 80 x 80 length x width x height in cm with a maximum weight of 300 kg per package - for other measurements or weights  we ask for a separated price inquiry), 1000 kg in case of ocean freight shipments and 200 kg during truck-transportation

(One load meter on truck corresponds to 1200 kg). 

Always the higher weight is invoiced, therefore either the actual gross weight or the volume weight produce the so-called freight calculation weight of the shipment.

All previous offers lose its validity with this.

Freight payer is always the German customer.

With Shipments  that are subject to a special customs treatment, such as AV/PV-bill-dispatch, Custom-bonded, -merchandise traffic etc., as well as those goods subject to a special processing  (BIG, VAL, DGR, CAO, AVI, BY, ICE, etc.) other remunerations than the previously mentioned ones are valid.

All charges excluding possible insurance rates and value-added tax. All rates exclude possible fuel price surcharge (Fuel Surcharge) and security surcharges.

Any disputes arising hereunder will be settled before a competent Munich court of law.


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Which documents must be added ?

Fundamentally the shippers instruction.

For worldwide dispatch we need the additional invoice you sent to the receiver for the Board of Customs and Excise as an evaluating proof and/or to be able to determine customs duties and taxes in the country of receipt.

The rules for commercial bills are generally as follows:

Please  pay attention to the complete name and postal address of the vendor and of the customer, further to the precise product description, invoice text in English and original signature with the title of the project manager as well as a stamp of the company and a packing list.

For different kinds of products it is possible that additional documents are required.

Furthermore a pre-checked-in export declaration for all shipments over  EUR 1.000,00.

This export declaration can also be made and pre-checked-in by us for an additional charge.

Otherwise, please ask your business-partner about other additional documents required according to regulations for import dispatch at the respective country of receipt.

A dispatch to the USA e.g. requires a special documentation.

If you  would like to add additional documents, it is  better to send them separately by courier (as DHL, UPS or Fedex).

If you add these documents to the package or to the shippers-instruction order, we cannot overtake any liability for these documents.


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Which shipments can CSI not move?


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When will the shipment arrive?

Logistics-Service: as a rule next workday

Door-to-Door: -shipments in metropolis arrive in  most cases within 2 to 4 working days. All other places are  reached in about 4-8 working days.

Airfreight-export: -shipments are advanced by our Time-Definite Services. This service allows a precise calculation of your shipment´s probable run-time.

All running periods agree to average-terms (in working days) determined by empirical values.

These are used for hazardous goods, valuables or shipments that may require special processing (BIG, VAL, DGR, CAO, AVI, BY, ICE etc.).

A guaranty for above transit-time can not be undertaken.


These informations can represent only a rough clue since numerous  factors

(customs-processing, strike, etc.) can delay your shipment considerably.

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